Tattoo removal

Erase the Past with Expert Tattoo Removal Services

Discover the power of tattoo removal at Kliaro Derma. Our skilled professionals utilize advanced techniques to help you bid farewell to unwanted tattoos, providing a clean canvas for a fresh start.

Benefits of Tatoo removal

Regain Your Confidence

It allows you to regain your confidence by eliminating tattoos that no longer align with your style or beliefs.

Career Opportunities

Some professions have strict tattoo policies. Removal can open up more career opportunities.

Skin Rejuvenation

It can improve the overall appearance of your skin, leaving it looking clearer and more youthful.

Personal Freedom

Removing an unwanted tattoo can provide a sense of personal freedom and empowerment.


It allows you to start fresh and customize your body art with new, meaningful tattoos.

Safety and Precision

Modern tattoo removal techniques are safe and precise, minimizing the risk of scarring and unwanted side effects.

How It Works?

This is a specialized procedure designed to fade or eliminate tattoos from the skin. It employs various methods to break down the tattoo ink and allow the body to naturally eliminate it. Here’s how tattoo removal works:

  1. Consultation: The process begins with a consultation with a trained tattoo removal specialist. During this consultation, the tattoo is examined, and your skin type and tattoo colors are assessed to determine the most suitable removal method.

  2. Laser Technology: The most common method for tattoo removal is laser therapy. A high-intensity laser emits pulses of light energy that penetrate the skin and target the tattoo ink. The laser’s wavelength is chosen based on the tattoo’s colors, with different wavelengths targeting specific ink colors.

  3. Ink Fragmentation: The laser energy is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, causing them to heat up and break down into smaller fragments. These smaller ink particles are easier for the body’s immune system to process.

  4. Natural Elimination: Over the following weeks, the body’s immune system works to remove the fragmented ink particles. The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in flushing out the ink from the treated area.

  5. Multiple Sessions: Complete tattoo removal usually requires multiple sessions, spaced several weeks apart. The number of sessions needed depends on factors such as the tattoo’s size, color complexity, and individual skin response.

  6. Post-Treatment Care: After each session, it’s essential to follow post-treatment care instructions provided by your specialist. This may include keeping the area clean, avoiding sun exposure, and applying prescribed creams or ointments.

  7. Visible Fading: With each session, you will notice the tattoo’s fading, becoming less prominent. Some tattoos may lighten significantly after just a few sessions, while others may require more treatments for complete removal.

  8. Minimal Scarring: Modern laser technology is designed to minimize scarring, but some scarring may occur, particularly with older tattoos or if the aftercare instructions are not followed.

  9. Patience and Persistence: Tattoo removal is a gradual process that requires patience and persistence. The final result is clearer, tattoo-free skin that allows for new possibilities.

Tattoo removal techniques continue to advance, making the process more effective and less painful. Consultation with a qualified specialist is essential to determine the best approach for your specific tattoo and skin type.

What Clients Say

I had an old tattoo that I regretted for years. Thanks to Kliaro Derma's tattoo removal, it's finally gone! The process was more comfortable than I expected, and I'm thrilled with the results.
Priya Kapoor
I was nervous about the process, but the team at Kliaro Derma made me feel at ease. After a few sessions, my tattoo has faded significantly, and I can't wait to be ink-free."
Rohan Sharma
I had a colorful tattoo that I thought would be hard to remove. Kliaro Derma's expertise and advanced laser technology surprised me. My tattoo is fading beautifully, and I couldn't be happier.
Aisha Khan
Kliaro Derma's tattoo removal has been life-changing for me. I can now pursue my dream career without worrying about tattoo restrictions. Thank you for the fantastic service!
Rahul Patel


It can cause some discomfort, often described as a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Most patients find it tolerable, and numbing creams or local anesthesia can be used to minimize discomfort.

The duration of a tattoo removal session varies depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. Sessions typically range from 15 minutes to an hour.

No, not all tattoo colors are equally easy to remove. Darker ink colors like black and blue respond well to laser removal. Lighter colors such as yellow and green may require more sessions.

Modern tattoo removal techniques are designed to minimize scarring. While some scarring may occur, it is generally less noticeable than the tattoo itself, and scar management options are available.

he number of sessions required for complete tattoo removal varies based on factors like tattoo size, ink colors, and individual skin response. Multiple sessions, typically ranging from 5 to 15, may be needed for full removal.

While most tattoos can be significantly faded or removed, some factors like tattoo age, ink type, and skin color can influence the success of removal. A consultation with a specialist can assess the feasibility of removal for a specific tattoo.