⁠⁠Acne Scars Treatment in JP Nagar

⁠⁠Acne Scars Treatment in JP Nagar

Acne scars are one of the aesthetic skin concerns, a nettlesome condition, that results from inflamed skin blemishes caused by choking of the skin pores with extra sebum, dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria. They develop when the skin affected by deep inflamed lesions attempts to repair itself by rebuilding collagen. The repair does not go as smooth and flawless as the unaffected skin.

Acne scars do not disappear on their own. Affected individuals have to undergo cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of their acne scars and encourage better skin health to get a confidence boost. If you want to get rid of your acne scars, you can visit Kliaro Derma to get the best acne scars treatment in JP Nagar.

Types of Acne Scars and Their Different Appearances

Acne scars can present in different shapes and sizes. Broadly, there are two types of acne scars: Depressed (atrophic) acne scars and Raised (hypertrophic) acne scars.

Depressed acne scars- These are the kind of scars that appear as an indentation on the skin. mostly on the face. They are the result of not enough production of collagen fibers in the skin where the acne heals. The three subtypes of depressed acne scars are:

  1. Ice pick- This is a narrow, V-shaped scar that sits deep in the skin and appears just like chicken pox scars- small round or oval holes in the skin.

  2. Boxcar- This is a U-shaped, wide, shallow, or deep scar with sharp edges.

  3. Rolling- This is an irregular, wide depression in the scar that has typically rounded edges and a rolling appearance.

Raised acne scars- These are the kind of acne scars that appear above the surface of the surrounding skin, most commonly on the skin of the chest and back and in dark-skinned people. They are the result of the extra production of collagen during healing of acne. They may itch or be painful. The three subtypes of raised or elevated acne scars are:

  1. Hypertrophic- This raised acne scar remains confined within the site of injury of the skin caused by acne and appears in a wavy, regular pattern. It feels firm and usually develops on the jawline and chest or back after 1-2 months of acne clearance.

  2. Keloid- This raised acne scar grows extensively beyond the borders of the original injury of the skin caused by acne and has no distinct pattern of collagen growth. It is larger than a hypertrophic scar. The first sign of having a keloid acne scar is skin thickening that begins 3 to 12 months after clearing the acne. 

  3. Papular- This raised acne scar is skin-coloured or lighter than the natural skin tone of the individual. It appears usually on the chin, nose, back, or jawline and can be mistaken as acne. 

If you reside in Gurappana Palya, Jayanagar, Tilak Nagar, Jaraganahalli, Puttenahalli, JP Nagar, or any area within Bangalore, you can visit Kliaro Derma, to get best acne scars treatment in JP Nagar, provided by our expert cosmetologist.

Take Help From Acne Scar Doctor in JP Nagar, Bangalore

Some acne scars are hard to treat and hide. With the help of a cosmetologist and their expertise, you can now manage them. If you are suffering from the same issue and looking for an acne scar treatment doctor, for managing acne scars, you can consult the experts at Kliaro Derma. They offer the best acne scars treatment in JP Nagar, and their clinic has the best technology and treatments available for acne scar management.

Causes and Risk Factors of Acne Scars

When acne causes intense inflammation in the skin, the body responds by naturally healing the skin where there was an acne breakout. The skin may heal in 7 to 10 days without leaving a sign or may leave behind a depressed or raised acne scar. As per acne scar doctor in JP Nagar, Bangalore  at Kliaro Derma the type of acne scar that shows up on the skin after the healing of acne depends on how much collagen growth takes place to give the skin the required support while healing of acne. Hence, if one is suffering from acne, then at the initial stage the acne treatment must be provided.

Acne scars are more likely to develop if an individual:

  • Develops painful, deep acne such as papules, pustules, cysts, and nodules

  • Has a family history of acne scars

  • Pops, squeeze, pick, or scratch at the acne in an attempt to get rid of them.

Safe and Effective Treatment Options for Acne Scars in JP Nagar at Kliaro Derma

Every individual having acne scars may see no need for treatment, while many may seek aesthetic procedures to get rid of acne scars and their unappealing appearance. The best doctor for acne scars treatment in Bangalore, at Kliaro Derma can help decide which treatment can be right for an individual based on the individual’s age, skin tone, budget, the type and number of scars, and many other considerations. The treatment for acne scars is typically started after the acne breakout is under control and the individual is continuously applying acne medication to prevent new acne breakouts.

The doctors for acne scar treatment in JP Nagar, Bangalore at Kliaro Derma make a treatment plan for an individual having  acne scar which may include one or more of the following aesthetic procedures:

  • Chemical peel- In chemical peel acne scar removal treatment in JP Nagar, Bangalore, the doctor applies an acid solution to the scar tissue to remove the top skin layers and minimise the appearance of deeper acne scars. The chemical exfoliation injures the skin and the body responds by producing more collagen and elastin and regeneration of the skin. Therefore, a chemical peel is most effective for treating depressed acne scars.  

  • Dermal fillers- Also known as soft tissue fillers, these are injected under the skin surface to help plump up the skin, thereby restoring volume to the depressed acne scars. A cosmetologist in JP Nagar, can use a variety of fillers: natural or synthetic that last for different periods. The fillers can be made of collagen, the patient’s fat, or a commercial filler. The most commonly used filler is hyaluronic acid filler which lasts for about 6 months or longer. Multiple visits to receive dermal filler injections are required to achieve the desired results. To retain the results for the long term, touch-up visits are needed. This treatment is best for anyone having a small number of boxcars or rolling scars.

  • Laser therapy- The laser treatment for acne scar removal in Bangalore involves the use of intense light to burn away the scarred tissues. For raised acne scars, ablative laser therapy is performed usually with a pulsed dye laser. It works to heat destroy the elevated acne scars and reveal new, healthy skin from underneath.

    In the case of non-ablative laser skin resurfacing, the skin naturally responds by producing collagen and elastin which helps minimise the appearance of depressed acne scars.

    A laser light may even be used to contour the skin around the acne scars to fade out the acne scar appearance. Multiple laser therapies spaced a few weeks apart may be needed to treat acne scars. This therapy is mostly recommended for acne scars that have been treated once with dermabrasion.

  • Microneedling- It is considered as one of the best acne scars treatment in JP Nagar and in this treatment, the cosmetologist uses a special tool having multiple tiny needles to micro-puncture the skin with acne scars. The creation of micro-punctures stimulates the new collagen and elastin production. As a result, the depressed acne scar appearance gets diminished. This therapy provides subtle results and so multiple sessions are required to achieve and maintain the desired results.  Sometimes, it is also combined with GFC treatment for best outcomes.

  • Photo facial- Also known as intense pulsed light therapy, this therapy involves the use of a handheld device that delivers broadband light into the skin dermis without harming the superficial skin. The melanin of the skin absorbs the light energy which is further converted to thermal energy that helps eliminate the undesirable acne scars. This therapy can help clear up nearly all forms of acne scars by improving the skin tone and texture. Multiple sessions are needed to get the desired results.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Long-Lasting Results

Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for an extended period, reducing the need for constant maintenance.


Laser technology targets hair follicles precisely, leaving surrounding skin undamaged.


Eliminate the need for regular shaving or waxing, saving you time in your daily routine.

Reduced Ingrown Hairs

Laser hair removal reduces the occurrence of painful ingrown hairs often associated with other hair removal methods.

Improved Skin Texture

Experience softer, smoother skin as laser treatment can help reduce skin irritation caused by frequent shaving.

Suitable for Various Areas

Laser hair removal can be performed on almost any body part, providing versatile hair reduction options.

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Inflammatory acne may heal and leave long-lasting acne marks or raised/ depressed acne scars on the skin. As time flies, the acne marks fade out while the scars get reduced in their depth. Acne scars rarely resolve on their own. In case the acne scars linger long on the skin, various aesthetic procedures can help diminish the acne scars.

A newly formed acne scar either appears as an indent on the skin or a raised scar, along with some skin discoloration. Over time, the skin discoloration gets back to normal while the scar remains. A cosmetologist can help reduce the appearance of acne scars with some treatments.

In the first place, you should be quick in treating your active acne with an effective treatment option recommended by a skin doctor in Bangalore at Kliaro Derma.

Besides this, you can prevent acne from leaving scars by sun-protecting the skin with sunscreen, using only non-comedogenic products, applying a topical retinoid or retinol, avoiding scrubbing skin or its exfoliation, avoiding touching, scratching, rubbing, picking, or popping of the scar; and trying out different procedures to banish acne.

To achieve the best results from acne scar treatment, you will be provided with aftercare instructions by a cosmetologist that you must follow without any ignorance. Your aftercare involves avoiding sun tanning or damage, wearing sunscreen daily, keeping the skin clean, and continuing with treatment sessions as well as visits to a cosmetologist as recommended.

Consulting a cosmetologist near me can get you to know the root cause of your acne breakout and you can get medical aid in keeping acne spots, marks, and scars under control.

If you want to learn about how much acne scar treatment cost in JP Nagar, book a visit with the experts at Kliaro Derma.