About Us

Our Commitment to Your Beauty and Wellness

At Kliaro Derma, our passion is your beauty and well-being. With a customer-centric philosophy, we’ve fostered trust among over 600,000 satisfied clients. Our commitment to personalized, safe, and effective skincare, haircare, and wellness services is unwavering. Our experienced professionals blend expertise with strict adherence to international safety standards, ensuring your safety and satisfaction. At Kliaro Derma, we’re not just a clinic; we’re your dedicated partner on the journey to radiant beauty and holistic wellness.

  • Customer-First: Kliaro Derma places the customer at the centre of its approach, which has earned the trust of more than 600,000 happy clients and garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews.
  • Compliance Best: The company adheres rigorously to international safety protocols, particularly during the pandemic, to offer best-in-class services and experiences while safeguarding the safety and welfare of both clients and employees.

Our Mission

Provide the Best Standard of Healthcare

Kliaro Derma is dedicated to delivering top-quality healthcare services for skin, hair, body, and beauty maintenance.

Bridge the Gap Between Medicine and Beauty

The company aims to collaborate with both the medical and beauty communities to create a seamless connection between healthcare and beauty services.

Prioritize Client Safety and Satisfaction:

Kliaro Derma’s primary goal is to provide exceptional results and optimal satisfaction to clients while ensuring their safety remains paramount.